Boost Dealership BDC Profits Using Key Tracking & Reporting Techniques

Dealership BDC Tracking & Reporting

With increased competition in dealerships, service centers and “express service” facilities, we see successful dealers increasing their owner retention by simply training, monitoring and tracking call times,...

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2018 Stuker TNP Bootcamps

Dealership Telephone, BDC & Internet Bootcamp

Stuker’s TNP Bootcamp is a truly unique, hands-on experience that teaches individuals how to master the phone-up, incoming digital leads, call back unsold showroom traffic, overcome objections, set...

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Free Video Training: The Managed Dealership Floor

Evaluate, Train and Implement A Managed Dealership Floor

Airing every Tuesday morning starting June 20th, 2017 on CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, Stuker will present his free 4-week dealership training video series ‘The Managed Floor’. Within this...

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Attend Stuker Training’s 5-Day BDC and Phone Training Bootcamp

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Use Your CRM To Your Advantage


MAKE IT HAPPEN by EVALUATING YOUR CRM! Odds are you have a CRM but aren't using it to your advantage. CRMs store all of the information for you. All you have to do is utilize it! Here's a challenge for you: grade yourself on...

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Six Ways To Increase Dealership Sales 25% Without Adding Expense (Part 1: 3 of 6 Ways)

Increase dealership sales 25% within 90 days

Increase dealership sales 25% within 90 days through Total Opportunity Management. Total Opportunity Management is a process that provides dealers an efficient and cost effective way to maximize each and...

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Turn your CRM into an ATM

Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN this Monday by turning your CRM into an ATM! How much money are you spending on advertising? Is it paying off? Probably not. You need to be investing in your CRM! These are people that your dealership has the best chance to sell to...

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Tom Stuker to Speak about Selling Strategies at CBT Automotive Conference & Expo

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New Edition of Guaranteed Sales Success Training Manual Now Available

My new Guaranteed Sales Success Training Manual is now available for purchase. I have taken the best-of-the-best from over 30 years of experience and have updated it for today’s market with over 330 pages of scripts and techniques on mastering the...

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