Use Your CRM To Your Advantage


MAKE IT HAPPEN by EVALUATING YOUR CRM! Odds are you have a CRM but aren't using it to your advantage. CRMs store all of the information for you. All you have to do is utilize it! Here's a challenge for you: grade yourself on...

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Six Ways To Increase Dealership Sales 25% Without Adding Expense (Part 1: 3 of 6 Ways)

Increase dealership sales 25% within 90 days

Increase dealership sales 25% within 90 days through Total Opportunity Management. Total Opportunity Management is a process that provides dealers an efficient and cost effective way to maximize each and...

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Success Is Built On 4 Words


If your dealership is under performing in any area or expectations are not being met, it all comes down to one of these four words. Get the words, the changes behind each, and make the change....

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9 Power Phrases Every Salesperson Needs

Power Up With A Power Phrase

When negotiating a car sale, words have the power to make or break a deal. They are the most important aspect of the sale, even more so than the numbers. A Power Phrase can be the fork in the road between a customer buying...

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The "Is It" Close

It's Never the Price!

 MAKE IT HAPPEN by ELIMINATING OBJECTIONS! We all know that one customer, the one so anxious to get in to see the vehicle and then at the end of the visit changes their mind. What happened? Is it the it it...

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Tom Stuker Opens National Sales Training Facility

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Turn your CRM into an ATM

Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN this Monday by turning your CRM into an ATM! How much money are you spending on advertising? Is it paying off? Probably not. You need to be investing in your CRM! These are people that your dealership has the best chance to sell to...

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20 Phone Scripts Every Dealership Should be Giving Their Salespeople

#16 may surprise you…

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BDC Tips You Can't Afford To Miss


The main function of a true BDC is to enhance marketing and profitability. We understand that there is no such thing as “A BDC in a Box.” There is no one-size fits all BDC and that’s where our trainers come in, assess the BDC and...

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Stuker Workshop Coming to North Carolina Dealers

North Carolina dealerships and automotive salespeople are invited to train with renowned sales training consultant Tom Stuker (live and in-person) at his upcoming “Guaranteed Sales Success” workshop. The interactive sales workshop will be...

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